Halloween Tips for Children with Sensory Processing Sensitivity

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General information:

  • Halloween can be overwhelming for those children, however if you plan carefully considering your kid’s needs and preferences Halloween can be fun for them as well.
  • Always remind your child to use established self-regulating strategies, like deep breathing, deep pressure/“bear hugs”, and similar tactics to remain optimally regulated.


  • Help your child choose a costume he/she is comfortable wearing; harsh materials are not ideal, as the child can have kin sensitivity. You can help your child to practice wearing the chosen costume in advance (few weeks before). Suggestions: soft cotton sweat suit with a Halloween theme and/or colors, adding a tail to soft sweat pants, attaching bunny ears to the hood of a sweatshirt, fun onesies.
  • Do not pressure your child to wear a mask or other uncomfortable clothing.
  • If the child chooses to wear a costume, bring alternative Halloween clothing in case he/she feels uncomfortable.

Going trick or treating:

  • Some children are just not ready to go knocking on doors from house to house. In this case consider taking it slow and perhaps he/she feels more comfortable handing the treats at his/her own house.
  • You can practice with your child trick or treating at his/her own house beforehand.
  • If your child decided to go trick or treating, he/she might get overwhelmed by interacting with so many people, in this case consider sending a sibling to collect the treats, or going to more familiar houses.
  • If your child feels overwhelmed by the dark you should consider going out earlier.

So now that you feel ready to plan your Halloween, have fun and build great memories together!

Dr. D. Muller, BSc, DC, Webster Certified, ICPA Member